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Rider Information

Using the ACS Online Donation Website


Go to http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=53352


Click REGISTER (DO NOT log in now if you are have your login information from previous rides. Make sure that you are logged out of the system before you proceed - you will have a chance to log in later)


The following page will confirm that you are already a registered participant of the 2013 PPRAC ride and that you are setting up your online fundraising page.


You now have the option to make a donation to yourself in a pre-selected amount, the amount that you choose or to not donate at this time.

At the bottom you are asked to enter your personal fundraising goal. The PPRAC minimum amount is $1,000 but you have the option to put in a higher amount if you choose to.


The next page will ask you if you are a new user or returning user.

If you have used the ACS Online Fundraising Page before and know your user name and password you can enter it now. If not, you have the option to have both your user name and password emailed to you or just your password.

You may also enter a new username & password if you would like to use a new email address or are a new participant to the event.

On the bottom left, click NEXT STEP.


Please fill in your information (required answers marked with *).

On the bottom left, click NEXT STEP..


The next page is a waiver. Please confirm that you agree to it by clicking the box on the bottom of the page and clicking NEXT STEP (you have the option to print this waiver in pdf format at the top of the page).


The last page will show all your registration information


You are now done with the registration process, and can start creating your personal page (with name, story, photo & fundraising goal), mailing list and email templates, as well as how to "Fundraise with Facebook."

At this point you can go to your Participant Center.
Here you can personalize your donation page, access your address books and email, etc.
If you used the system before, your address book is there, but your personal pages and emails are gone.

To create a Personal Page, click on the thumbprint icon, and "Edit the content of this page"
(under 1., click the "Edit" link).
Here you can add a photo or video, write a personal message, add a blog, etc.
Make sure you Save Your Changes often.

Make sure you click on "Create a Personal URL" so you can have a short web address to share. It will be http://main.acsevents.org/goto/(YourName)

The Address Book and Email tools are pretty robust. Will help with sending Thank-You messages, Reminders, as well as keep your email from showing up as spam. We strongly recommend using it, but the fundraising is the most important thing. So do whatever works best for you.

If you have problems setting any of this up, contact Dave Pryor or Meghan Livingston.



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