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Rider Information


When is the PPRAC?
The ride is scheduled for Sunday, July 29 to Saturday, August 3, 2013. We will be starting our ride in Portland, Maine and the finish line will be in Palmerton, PA.

What is a typical day on the PPRAC?
Along the route, there are frequent rest stops, a team of bike repair experts, and plenty of support vehicles. Every day is filled with its own challenges and excitement, but there is a typical pattern that is followed. Read the Typical Day article.

What should I bring?

Where do we sleep at night?
Generous host facilities (churches, schools, YM/YWCA's) open their doors and accommodate the PPRAC ride to keep our overhead costs minimal.

Are meals provided?
Most meals are provided by our generous hosts. Snacks, energy bars and gels are the responsibility of each PPRAC rider. Occasionally we're asked to contribute a small amount ($2-5) to help offset the costs.

How do we get to the start of the PPRAC?
PPRAC riders will be taken by bus, and the various support vehicles, to the start town from Palmerton, PA. Bikes and gear are transported to the start of the ride separately in a truck. A secure parking lot is available for your to leave your car during the week.

Do I need to get my bike inspected?
Yes All bikes to be inspected prior to the PPRAC ride by July 15th of the PPRAC year. Please get your bike inspected at your local bike shop and return the inspection form found in your rider packet (or here).

Should I know how to change a flat tire on my bike?
Yes. Although there are Support Vans on the PPRAC ride, each rider is expected to be able to perform minor bike fixes, such as changing their own bike tire.

How can I fundraise?
We have created a list of basic fundraising techniques, ideas and suggestions can help. See Securing Donations.

Do I need to be self-reliant?
Yes, although Support Vans are provided each PPRAC rider is expected to be self-reliant. The PPRAC is a challenging ride in which the participants are expected to be able to ride 80 to 110 miles on a daily basis, and be self-sufficient while on the route. We do provide a number of services for convenience, safety, and support. The following is a list of support vehicles.

  • Lead Van - Transports luggage from point to point. Can provide minimal mechanical support. Carries first aid supplies, water and food.
  • Support Van - One or two vehicles drive back and forth between riders providing food, water, first aid and moral support.
  • Mechanic Vehicle - Driven by a mechanic who can service bicycles on the road and perform other repairs in the evening.
  • Trail ("SAG") Vehicle - Follows behind the last riders. If a rider will be unable to make the 5pm cutoff time, they will be asked to ride in the Sweep Vehicle so that they (and the volunteers) will make it in for dinner.

How do I know where to ride each day?
Mapping meetings are scheduled after dinner or evening program. See the daily message board posted at every host site for details. Cue sheets will be distributed for the next days ride. Topics mentioned are safety, lunch stop, towns on the route, Kodak moments and other interests.

Where does the money go?
85% of the money we raise goes to the American Cancer Society and 15% to Dream Come True.




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